dinsdag 28 augustus 2012

Lady Tangerina back home.Smiling
Smiling sunflower from my garden.
So happy.
Took a tour through my city and visit these shops, i found love for materials, beautiful things, vision and passion for art, design, fashion and crafts and friendlyness. Go and explore yourself. Common Kin At Papestraat Edwin Pelser at Piet Heinstraat
Love at first sight. By Enzo Mari.
Thank you dad, sweet surprise. And i used my letter opener for the first time yeah!
Sipped a ginginha* at a marble bar under a stair, with tall and fat lamps from Tom Dixon from a tiny glass, it was sweet and refreshing and the lady was smiling. * cherry liquor You can also drink it from a tiny chocolate cup and eat it afterwards. Ginginha do Carmo Calcada do Carmo 37 a. Enjoy!
Gift from Maria S. It's from a exposition about sardinha's. i like the one with the skirt.
MMM lunch for take off.
Baunilha e canela gelado at Santini, yum! Four men in a row wearing red and white striped aprons were scooping icecream, so cool!
Another hill.
Add a little color.
Teal baby! yeah.
Azul again.
This is the closest i could come to purple. I dedicate this picture to Maria S and Senhor Gelado. :)
thank you painter.Or Obrigada!
Crazy candy store, you can choose your receipt for any cure so funny. It's done as a full brand concept, from the bottle, to the description on the bottle and the size. Like it!
Beautiful cork store: Cork & Co in Bairro Alto at Rua das Salgadeiras 10 I found two white teacups there.
Some reminders from the reminderstore, i little true is in there. PS. you can replace run for bike if you like.
Everyday is laundry day in Lisboa. This is a reminder to look up sometimes :)
This tiles are the most graphic and brightest i found.
Vintage tile.
And another cool colortest.
Lovely Tangerina
Senorita Sardinha.
I like this picture.
Texture versus color.
Electrico in Lisboa.
And watched the sun go down.
We ate seafresh ameijas Mmmm.

And another perfect day at the beach, put a smile on my face.