dinsdag 27 september 2011

Flower collage by Anne ten Donkelaar.

I decided to continue my yellow sunny mood and share it with you.
Paper shade for sale at Tas-ka.

Table by Scholten & Baijings.

great card by Yellow owl workshop.

maandag 26 september 2011

Yellow in all it's shades is present in autumn winter.
Love this mustard crochet cushion by Toast.

Woolen throw by Toast.

Cable knit socks.

Went to Inside design Amsterdam at IJburg, follow me and the arrows in the folowwing pictures.

Beautiful chair by Arper.

Around this sign your dog can run like crazy on a small strip of grass.

Like this leather chair named Tiba by Label

Take a look at www.label.nl

Some street architecture.
I like the way people find their way.

Het groeien der dingen van Eva Schreuder, Nienke Sybrandy and Jeroen Wand.

Jewellery by Eva Schreuder.
Take a look at www.evaschreuder.nl

This glass object is filled with water and designed by Saskia van der Steen.

i noticed a new thing in signs of houses for sale, some colour or new signs, i like it!

Like the sign, new

Beautiful flower art by Anne ten Donkelaar

Blue view.

Tablecloth by Bertjan Pot.

Lamp by Bertjan Pot.

Colourful drinks at Blijburg.

One of my lovely friends brought me this beautiful flowers.Thank you again, it's so lovely.

I love my home made white curtains!

My sweet white tiger.

Sunny yellow.

Got this tiger bananas from a friend.

This happened to them with some walnuts in the mix.

If i would go to London i probably would love these on my feet.

Imagine yourself having wonderful dreams under this north sea blue bed cover.

Cool colored shoes by Toast.

Simple shaped water glasses by Toast.

Nice wooden cutting board by Toast

For a autumn feeling Raspberry jam

Smart i pad case by Toast

colour blocking by Toast

maandag 19 september 2011

Like the accessoires of Royal Republiq, a danish brand.
Their styling is clear and scandic, i simply love it!

Take a look at www. royalrepubliq.dk

love the lace ups.


Love the bag, wish it was mine :)

woensdag 7 september 2011

Summer at my local beach.

Super happy with this beautiful drawing by Sanne van Winden, it's looking fantastic on my wall.

Home made cushions!

Nice little guys by marloes kroeze

Love the Tas-ka store in Prins hendrik straat, excellent service and i love the way they wrap.

Treated myself with this lovely Marimekko cups and japanese tape.

This cool postcard surprised me from Sweden, tack R.

Love this cool color combination!

Sweet italian sweets lovely gift from a friend.

Test test.