dinsdag 30 november 2010

Dear Santa i like all this things from TOAST for christmas.

imagine a snowy winterday and you in your favorite winter outfit and a cup of hot chocolate near the fireplace with a book.

Red christmas soap

i like this one

Nice knit

Can you smell the beeswax?

dinsdag 23 november 2010

The Housemaid Trailer (2010)

Go see this beautiful minimalistic movie full of style.

maandag 22 november 2010

Gift from a friend, it's a little notebook from la Marelle.

Once upon a time, there was a pink bike with a flat tire, there came this lady to fix it, the boy from the pink bike was so happy that he brought this poster from Berlin.

A friend brought this cute card from Berlin.

zondag 21 november 2010

I am a big fan of scandinavian design and Marimekko is on top of my list.
You just simple have to love their designs.

Mug by Marimekko

Tablecloth by Marimekko

love this plastic bag by Jil Sander

I like these Happy socks a lot

these too...

and these.

Take a look on the website of Toast and get inspired.

Get a warm winter feeling with this woolen socks

Checked scarf

Felt slippers

beautiful bowl

Slogan of the month

this is the result

Had three evenings of fun with a piece of paper and a couple of markers and a cup of tea. Oh boy it felt great.

Felt like we were in the states, had a lovely chai latte with my sister after visiting our granny.

Went to the fabric market

i love the kringloop

Found these on the street

i am totally in love with this rug by Hansen & Son

vrijdag 19 november 2010

Minimalism rules.

Visited my mums attic and found some old treasures.

me and my sisters played with this silk horses when we were still little girls.

My mum made this little bear for me when i was younger and my grandparents gave me this christmas can years ago.

Met this eikel when autumn started.

New inspiration brought to me from the states.

Candy from the states

Took a walk on the hondsbosse zeewering with my family, we had a lovely sunny day.

crazy flower

Like the fire escape staircase and the way the windows open.
Had a lovely day in September.
Went to Inside Design in Amsterdam and saw so many beautiful things.
Love the pillow by Moroso

Beauty by Moroso

And life can be so simple, this was the place to take the boat to the next stop.

Studio Weltevree on the waters edge in the sun

Studio Weltevree was there and had a bake your own sandwich in our oven idea, and we did so.
Studio IJM

and Studio IJM again.

Visited my favorite studio IJM.