dinsdag 28 september 2010

Magnificent owls by Iittala

I am in love with this amazing cars by Floris Hovers

Installation by Keukenconfessies.

Blue pears and chocolate fruit.

maandag 27 september 2010

Organic flower by vlinder & vogel

Love this flower installation by vlinder&vogel

Found this little books last week, i like the drawings and cute stories.

Artwork by a cute girl.
Her mum and me had a fun morning with coffee.

Gifts from my mum, looking good on my shelves.

My mum gave me this book from the states.

a little girl is born.
and believe me, she looks beautiful.

Last August i took a tour by bike through the dunes.

I am so proud, i made this little shelves myself.

i am testing some colors.

Like the light of my new lamp.

Kringloop finds.
Black wedgewood for only 0.15 ct.

Made this lovely dinner for my mums birthday.

We celebrated the day in a very relaxed way, biking through the country and walking on the beach.

Everybody was playing on the beach.

This portraits are looking at you in Meermanno museum.

Cool Birthday presents from Indonesia.

Birthday present from my dad.

i am the happy owner of this beautiful designed birthday calender, made by one of my friends.

Finnish Design

Koniginnedag finds.

like the design of the new Nissan Cube

One of the nicest things of being in a foreign country, is the diversity of nice magazines.

Finally some color in this business city.

like a still from a movie.

Bought this vintage image, unfortunately i didn't had time to go to the Atomium.

like this funny monster.

There was this Moomin exposition in Bruxelles, you just have to love the work of Tove Jansson.

Love her skirt.
Magritte museum

So beautiful.

nice window