zaterdag 28 mei 2011

Graphics in the T bana at Slussen.

These recycling banks remind me of the toy where every kid plays with, wooden rounds, triangle and squares. (Sorry for my awful english, translations anyone?)

Had a lovely evening with a friend a kladdkaka and a chailatte.

PS i ate it all!

Spotted in Gamla Stan.

Chess at the park, i like the idea that total strangers play together.


Hemkop is my favorite supermarket.

Swedish fruitjuice.


nice sign.

like the flags.

My royal suite and pets these days.

my view and balcony.

Collected some bags last week.

Fabric and napkins.

Department store Ahlens is amazing, and lucky me there's a muji department.

MMM my latest addiction carrot muffin filled with cream and vanille heart.

love the windows from department store PUB.

i love clouds.

On my sunny b- day i flew to Stockholm, love how rivers turn into silver lines and how fields turn into a green patchwork.

Love this fruitbowl by Muuto

and this one.

Made myself a little cloud.

relaxing in the sun under a tree, could be so beautiful.

New flowers in our garden.

Beautiful cards by Marloes Kroeze.

Business card from a grapic studio.


Pink toilets and..

Crazy carpet on the airport.

Sunset at 18.30

Went to a tropical island in the sun.

Vintage style candy by Hema.

Got this Yoshitomo Nara book from my dad.

Love it.

Black and white and round and round.

Spring is in.

Nice interior.

Bird with golden sun.

nice color palette.

Had a great day in Delft with a friend,we visited many secondhand stores and found a lot of nice things.

Spring already started

found this lovely book years ago; de kleine brultijger.
It's a cute story about a roaring little tiger who lives in a forest and wants to explore the world, you should read it.

On a sunday i met this ladies.

Found this lovely drawing.