dinsdag 28 oktober 2008

numberfun in Gum

Chinese pie is
sooo beautiful

maandag 27 oktober 2008

My latest addiction

London in one and a half day.i stayed in The Cumberland Hotel.

vrijdag 17 oktober 2008

nice wall art

window view from my hotel room

This foldable ironing board was hiding in the closet
i want to have such a thing at home

woensdag 15 oktober 2008

Cute car, nice colour

Blue and bike

Beautiful colours

no eleven and a half

London Blue

Red bus

a nice reminder and from my own experience lifesaving

We had a lovely italian dinner in The Lucky Spot
a tiny cosy restaurant with boot seats

Paddington station

Fish and chips, tartarsauce and minty peas

loved the architecture and the long escalators at the Airport

London here i come

part two

Pretty in pink

donderdag 2 oktober 2008

had a fun weekend in my mums appletree
and at the carwash
thanks mom

love this color combination
fresh start of the day

ice cream sunday
my designer friend in action