zondag 18 maart 2012


Thanks again for this pretty card!!

I am a great fan of mail, i like the idea that somebody took the affort to pic a card for you and bring it to the mailbox and that the mailman brings it to your house.

I am so in love with this swinging silver birch tree in my garden.

Flexa came up with this line of paint, which has beautiful names like early dew, frosted sky, blueberry dream and magic forest.
Color is feeling is my idea and don't you want to start to paint a room in your home rightaway, with these names?

Colour party by Histor, mixed by me.

cool color meeting.

Got surprised in my local library, this little books, who you read the otherway around, so horizontal instead of vertical.

a little bit of Spring.

Like the bold coloured airvase by japanese studio Torafu
Check out their work on www.torafu.com

Kitchen blocks by Torafu, i would like to play!!

Torafu designed an exposition for artist Motomi Kawakami, i wish i had been there, because it looks so nice.

Motomi Kawakami expo.

Lightloom designed by Torafu for Canon at the Salone del Mobile 2011 in Milan.
Check their website for a short movie.

Torafu also designed the Magic Store in Tokyo.
It's a concept store from Magic contact lenses, unique for their flat packaging technology (1mm), i like the way the product is presented in a playful way.

Love this playful desk by Torafu.

in yellow.

This is what i call design for a good price, i am so curious to see and touch the new IKEA PS collection 2012.
In stores in Europe end of April
US in August.

I love this cool Sofa.
Ikea PS

Ikea PS rug.

Ikea PS i fell instantly in love with this polkadotted pillow, i like the double coloured print.

Ikea PS nice and playful...

Ikea PS 12!! so nice
Black or red?

Gift from one of my lovely friends.
This beautiful book by Rob Ryan.
It's a small journey through a love story...

So Beautiful :)

maandag 5 maart 2012

James Vincent McMorrow - We Don't Eat

Heard this beautiful music through someone special. Simple and pure and strikes the heart.